experience of
battle royale.

Be the last man standing in the new Battle Royale mode in MTA:SA

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Intensive gameplay
Get many rare items from missions, go up in the ranking and much more!


Custom loadout

What your character looks like depends only on you. You can select different skins to a different weapons at the same time, change your global character skin and much more.


Many activities

Play Battle Royale gamemode solo, or take some friends and play together on duos or squads. Improve your skill to achieve highest place in the global rank.


Earn free items

You can earn a lot of free skins by playing. We prepared special events skins too. Yeah, skins for free! Come play with us, won and gain more and more of free skins.

Backnite Premium Account

Get more Skins, Special Events, Avatars and more...

Buying a premium account on Backnite, you are opening your way to a great adventure. You are receiving unlimited access to a special game mode called Story Mode, where you can get many rare items and premium currency. Additionally you are receiving unique avatars, skins, emblem on everlasting, more styles of croshair and much more!


What is Backnite?

Backnite is a gamemode in MTA:SA based on Battle Royale games. We want to create a gamemode that will be an innovation in MTA:SA servers, add many mechanics that will raise the gameplay to the next level. Gamemode is created especially for you, so we are open to your opinion about it.

Can I play with my friends?

Yes, of course. You can add your friends in a special tab in game, and then invite them to the lobby. That's all.

Why there is no my national language?

We are small team, so we can't know all of languages on the world. If you want your native language on our server you can contact with us and report to be a translator.

Benefits: Special rank on Discord and exclusive Backnite team items

Does server have a voice chat?

Server haven't got a built-in voice chat, but you can join our discord server. We prepared many voice channels, that you can communicate with your friends and play on our server. We even created a music channel to make your time pleasant.

Our discord: Click

Why I don't see my skins?

We don't allow to play with modified .dll file, to eliminate possible advantage in game.

Winter Event on backnite! Come in and see what's new.
Winter Event on backnite!
Come in and see what's new.